Behind the Desk

The Green Desk was founded in the south of Sweden, 2020.

Well, the dream was born in a tiny room in London 2019 when the perfect planner couldn't be found. The first sketches on the PlanPal was made and almost two year later a first sample was printed. After some adjustments, coffee cups and hard work the final version of PlanPal came to life.

Our aim is to help women reach their dreams and make planning fun and efficient.

Let's reach some dreams together!

The Green Desk

What makes the green desk green?

Paint obviously... but there is more to it!

We put a lot of effort to make products with nature in mind. Our packaging materials are always recyclable & eco-friendly. All planners are printed climate-neutral via ClimatePartner. So when printing, we have chosen to compensate for carbon dioxide emissions by supporting the project: Clean Oceans. 

We will always continue our climate work, both through sustainable transport and product development. At the same time, we want to develop as good products as possible for you, so that you will reach your goals & dreams.

Made with 🖤 and dreams.

Important Stuff

Every year, more than 8 million tonnes of plastic end up in the sea. According to estimates, by 2050 we will have more plastic than fish in the ocean. Money for plastic is the short description of the Clean Ocean project. Plastic in Indonesia, Brazil, Haiti and the Philippines are collected and dropped off at special stations in exchange for food, water, money and school fees. In addition to the plastic being taken care of the project create jobs and a better living standard for the people in these areas.

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